Sizing Guide

Have questions about how to determine the right size tablecloth? Maybe we can help...

Step 1. Determining your "drop"

The tablecloth drop is the length of the tablecloth that hangs off the sides. In general, we advise planning for a drop of anywhere from 8" to 12" but it often comes down to personal taste. Sometimes it depends on the tablecloth itself - some have intricate corners and are designed to look very elegant with a longer drop. Have small children? Then you probably want a shorter drop.

In the end, it comes down to what's right for you.

I Know my table dimensions - what size tablecloth should I look for?

Calculate the tablecloth size you're looking for by taking the dimensions of your table and adding 2x the amount of drop you want on either side.

For example: if your table is 60" long and you want a drop of 10" then you will be looking for tablecloths that are close to 80".

I Know the tablecloth dimensions - what tables will it work with?

Calculate the drop by taking the tablecloth size, subtracting the dimensions of the table, and divide the result by 2.

For example: Our recommended tablecloth for a 6 person table measures 63"x78". If your table is 60" long, the drop will be 9". (78-60=18, divided by 2)

Not sure of the exact dimensions of your table?

Use our table below to see the tablecloth sizes we carry, common table sizes,  and our seating recommendations.


A Word about Squares...

Square tablecloths are very has become very popular to use a square tablecloth on a round table, or even on a rectangular table at an angle.

Accounting for Shrinkage

If you use a dryer to dry your tablecloths, you could lose as much as an inch or two to shrinkage. If you're in between two sizes, or in doubt, it's generally better to err on the larger side.

Getting (it) Even...

Should your drop be even on all sides of your table? No, not fact it usually won't be the case.