"Solid Bordeaux" Jacquard 50/50 Double Woven Cotton Poly Tablecloth 70" Round
Model: JS70/RD
Price: $92.00

Our Cotton/Polyester Tablecloth Collection is a blend of 50% cotton, and 50% polyester. Slightly heavier than our Cotton Collection, the 50/50 blend gives our tablecloths a soft yet durable quality. You will love the strength of this fabric, and it will not stretch or distort. Shrinkage is usually 3-5% depending on your laundering conditions.

Our Jacquard solid tablecloths are a 50/50 blend of double woven cotton and polyester (the term jacquard refers to the crossing of two sets of threads over and under each other). Although the solid tablecloths do not have a Teflon finish, they are restaurant grade and will hold up to many washes. The polyester blend makes for easy care and ironing and their vibrant colors will dress your table many years to come.

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