"Étoile de Neige" detail  
"Étoile de Neige" Jacquard 100% Double Woven Cotton 63"x63" Square
Model: J6354/RG
Price: $116.00

Set the perfect holiday tone with our new Étoile de Neige Jacquard Tablecloth!

Our Jacquard Teflon collection is 100% double woven cotton (it is crossing two sets of threads over and under each other) so the pattern is woven in the fabric instead of being printed on it. The tablecloths have a Teflon finish that makes them stain proof while preserving the feel of cotton! Their beautiful multi-color designs will dress your table for those special occasions while eliminating any worry about spills. Spills can just be wiped off with a damp cloth, but if they don't disappear initially, they will go away when washing your tablecloth - even in cold water.


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