Opinels Opened- Small (#6) & Large (#8) Opinel Locked Close Opinel Locked Open
Opinel Folding Pocket Knives- #8 (3.25'' Blade) Olive Handle
Model: OPI-899
Price: $24.99

Pablo Picasso used them to sculpt small stones into the profiles of women or the heads of bulls. He also used them to peel apples. We use them every day in our kitchen.

Opinels were first created in 1890, and are still made today by the Opinel family in the Savoy region of France. Opinels were born in the Alps to meet the needs of mountaineers. In 1985 the Victoria & Albert Museum in London selected the Opinel for inclusion in "The Good design guide", a collection of the 100 most beautiful objects in the world. The Opinel has also been cited in the catalogue of the New York Museum of Modern Art. It is listed in the Larousse dictionary as a trademark and is therefore officially a part of France's heritage. In 2006, Opinel was selected to be featured in the "Phaidon Design Classics" as one of the 999 most innovative, beautiful and influential products created in the last 200 years.

An ingenious dual locking mechanism enables you to lock the blade in the open position (safety during use) or the closed position (safety during transport). Oak or Olive wood handles in an exclusive, patented shape ensure a perfect (and comfortable) grip. "Acier Inoxydable" (stainless steel) blades are all heat treated and are very strong...and almost never require sharpening.

It's easy to see why these wonderful knives have become such a part of French culture. Order yours today...try one out and it will quickly become one of your kitchen essentials.

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