Opinel Folding Corkscrew Knife
Model: OPI-1410
Price: $42.99

The Opinel Corkscrew-Knife: A blade and corkscrew of unparalleled efficiency. Professional-quality corkscrew: 5 grooved spires made of hardened stainless steel to guarantee flawless extraction of corks. 2/10-cm Sandvik stainless steel blade, with a high resistance to rust and an excellent cutting quality. Double safety catch system: locks blade in open or closed position. Beech wood handle with protective varnish.

Opinels were first created in 1890, and are still made today by the Opinel family in the Savoy region of France. It's easy to see why these wonderful knives have become such a part of French culture. Order yours today...try one out and it will quickly become one of your kitchen essentials.

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